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Co-Creating Earth Based Ritual for healing, growth, and Spirit connection workshop

We need ritual and connection now more than ever, as we midwife the Great Transition to a new world. In this workshop, we will craft & materialize an elemental ritual together. In this workshop, We’ll share our own experiences, and feel empowered to create and lead rituals in our communities and homes for Earth healing & Spirit connection. All levels welcome!

Our participatory journey together will cover the basics of 7 direction circle casting & intentions. This includes experiential dives into the elements/directions, preparing us to cast a circle together drawing closer the magical realms, and receiving messages from the fairies & elementals in a trance state.

presented July 23, 2022 at the Fairy-Human Relations Congress, future dates TBA

mini workbook handout to help organize

& plan ritual ----->

Co-creating Earth Based Ritual mini workbook

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